Mission: To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent business people they represent. To ensure that the marketing by member companies of products and/or the direct sales opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers.” The Committee meets on the 3rd Friday every month in the AmCham office and at hotel locations depending upon the topic, speaker and availability. 2017 Goals and Objectives: 1.Broaden Membership: Broader membership of Committee to include more major direct selling companies. 2.Code of Ethics: -Continue to enhance the self-commitment to the Code of the member companies. -Enhance the role of Code Administrator regarding code of ethics. 3.Continue develop relationships with Government, Business, Vietnam ML M Association and Media,and understanding on their part of the positive contributions to Vietnam’s social economic development that direct selling companies can make, especially in providing employment and business opportunities for women. 4.Position Paper(s): +Practice and guideline for new DS law. +Other key issues raised by Committee’s Members. 5.Speakers: Identify and invite relevant and interesting speakers from Direct Selling Industries, Government for the upcoming year. Continue working on building market image of Direct Selling, and highlighting the economic development potential as demonstrated by results in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. 6.AVDSC page on AmCham Website: Update AVDSC page on AmCham website to introduce to other Direct Selling Associations and potential members. 7.Community event: Raise awareness and attention from members for social charity events. Collaborate with many famous charity projects to support the Vietnamese children and/or women. 8.Monthly meetings: Committee will discuss or present a topic concerning Direct Selling laws and regulations. Committee will invite a relevant speaker/VIP/guest from the competent authorities.
The Education and Training Committee of AmCham seeks to: 1) increase the skill levels of the Vietnamese people so that they are more productive in commercial enterprise, can command higher salaries, and can help boost Vietnam’s prosperity; 2) raise the general level of education of the people in Vietnam so that they can become creative problem solvers who think critically about their lives and the future of their families and their country.
The Made in Vietnam Energy Plan was developed by Vietnam’s private sector businesses with financing and manpower from AmCham that would maximize Vietnam’s domestic energy resources as an alternative to more imported coal. In doing so, it offers stable electricity production, a better risk-cost tradeoff, better health, lower emissions and pollution, and a better environment overall.
Mission Statement: Provide opportunities for networking, internal information activities, and consultations and cooperation and other advocacy matters with industry associations, governments and international organizations to help improve health and safety in the food & beverage industry sector in Vietnam, as well as in the ASEAN region. A key area of interest for the Committee is to cooperate with other stakeholders in efforts that will help Vietnam’s internationalization and harmonization with the various regional (ASEAN,APEC) and global systems (WTO SPS, Codex Alimentarius) for food health and safety, to the benefit of Vietnamese farmers, agricultural companies and consumers
Mission Statement: The committee promotes the Hospitality and Tourism interests of both Vietnam and The United States of America by providing both a discussion platform on issues and challenges related to these industries and also via networkingopportunities. The committee examines industry trends and standards with a goal of enhancing Vietnam’s overall leisure and business travel experience. We assist in setting standards and helping to improve a competitive advantage over other destinations in South East Asia. The committee offers an extra value for members representing the Hospitality and Tourism businesses that will allow them to fully benefit from their membership in AmCham.
MISSION STATEMENT: a. To establish best HR practices in Vietnam as relates to pro viding information regarding the employment situation in Vietnam b. To publish its findings as a guide to all member companies c. To exchange information, share knowledge and experience to he lp each other a s well as obtain information from members of other AmCham C ommittees d. To keep members updated on the latest and relevant government regulations and policies as relates to labor practice e. To interact with other AmCham Committees and respond to their information request f. To add membership value by being an active resource center on HR-related issues.
ICT Committee aims to: 1. Provide opportunities for networking and internal information activiti es for members and staff in the IT industry sector IT professional area and anyone interested in IT 2. Reach out to IT organizations in Vietnam to promote networking, info rmation-sharing, and business development 3. Identify key issues for change to promote trade and investment between Vietnam an d the U.S. 4. Share information about regulatory environment and proposed changes that would affect their business
Purpose The Am Cham Legal & Vietnam Business Forum Committees in HCMC and Hanoi have a unified purpose that includes increasing the value of AmCham membership for all members by providing channels to discuss and address legal issues affecting member companies, supporting the Chamber and the Chapters' advocacy activities, and supporting the development of the legal services industry in Vietnam. 2017 Goals (to be developed/revised) -Stimulate Committee participation by member law firms and in-house counsel -Grow the AmCham membership base of legal services providers -Participate in comments on revisions to Civil Code, and implementing regulations for Investment Law. Objectives -Create a vibrant committee of 15-20 active members that participate regularly (monthly) in committee meetings/events and at least an additional 60 passive members who may participate several times throughout the year.
Purpose: Logistics and Supply Chain issues span across industries and sectors. The objective of the committee is to increase the value of AmCham membership for logistics and supply chain and all related or interested sector members. Equally, the committee aims to provide a forum for networking opportunities as well as a forum to discuss related industry trends, challenges, opportunities and regulatory matters. Engage other AmCham committees to drive shared interest and the development of local supply chains in Vietnam. Goals: -Grow the AmCham membership base of logistics and supply chain companies along with those companies of whom supply chain is of critical importance to success -Keep members updated about industry, technological, regulatory and other developments -Support and promote the industry’s development in Vietnam and engage relevant local and foreign groups to encourage positive trends in the industry -Help address the growing shortage of supply chain talent in Vietnam through promoting industry awareness and events -Proactively engage regulatory agencies and Vietnam customs to improve efficiencies in the both international and domestic transport and supply chain processes to improve competitiveness of companies operating in Vietnam -Constructively engage the Vietnam’s political leadership
Purpose: To increase the value of AmCham membership for manufacturing sector members. Provide networking opportunities, improved communication and collaborative solutions which could be achieved more effectively by collective member companies. Proactively support development of local supply chains. Goals -Grow the AmCham membership base of manufacturing companies -Keep members updated about industry, technological, regulatory and other developments -Strengthen the local supply chain -Encourage and support the movement of Viet Nam Customs and other applic able regulatory agencies towards a more modern and transparent processes -Constructively engage the Vietnam’s political leadership